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Resume and Portfolio

Since I was a kid I was always into art of some form. This has since lead me down a path of practicing multiple forms of art. New to my personal career journey, I'd like to showcase the various passions I've found along the way in my free-time, academic, and professional careers with hopes that I can evolve them further over time.



My name is Abby Evans and I am a 23 year old graduate student at Northern Kentucky University. My undergraduate degree, also from NKU, is in Electronic Media and Broadcasting. I am getting my Master's in Communication to merge my practical and my abstract understanding of communicating via media. I call myself a digital media specialist due to the range of my communicative and artistic abilities. 

In my free time I love watching and analyzing films and television, some of my favorites being The Shining and Westworld. However, I am not immune to the world of  reality tv---my guilty pleasure!

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